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When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

I’d Pin That – Moviehouse Pins

mike | 4/23/2014

Even though it can feel like you’re lost in the large community of Austin,Texas, it’s refreshing to know that there is a place where individual loyalty is valued and recognized. This place that I’m talking about is the Moviehouse and Eatery. Moviehouse wanted a unique way to reward employees once they have been working there for a year, so the...

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New Kid on the Block. Galaxy Moviehouse & Eatery.

mike | 9/11/2012

We all love movies. A movie is a sacred thing. Whether you’re a Dude-abiding Lebowski fan or a comic book movie super geek or just into the mainstream market, when you go to the movies you’re looking to have a good time. You pay good money to sit in that seat and watch the drama unfold on the big screen....

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