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When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

Thursday Type Tips

Jamie Rodriguez | 10/08/2015

We work with type pretty much all day. Whether our designers are creating a custom script for a blog post, or laying out a brochure in InDesign, words are a way of life at Tilted Chair. Here are some useful typographical tips we’ve learned in our years of loving letters. WIDE-TRACKED SERIFS LOOK IMPOSING Not sure why. But it’s something...

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Culture is Everything

anne | 7/24/2015

Mike, Hua, and Jamie, the co-founders of TCC, have known each other for nearly 7 years and their relationship forms the foundation of the atmosphere we work in today. Adding new members to a dream team like that is no easy feat, they’ll tell you that themselves. The guys are always looking for new talent to capture, but most importantly...

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“Austin is the new Madison Avenue.”

anne | 12/09/2014

We’ve been doing some pretty exciting things here at Tilted Chair Creative. We are a full-service advertising agency based in Austin, TX, and we’ve been working on projects with a particular client that perfectly illustrate what we, as a group of creatives, can offer. You may have heard of them...they’re a little publication called People Magazine. What is a creative...

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I’d Pin That – Moviehouse Pins

mike | 4/23/2014

Even though it can feel like you’re lost in the large community of Austin,Texas, it’s refreshing to know that there is a place where individual loyalty is valued and recognized. This place that I’m talking about is the Moviehouse and Eatery. Moviehouse wanted a unique way to reward employees once they have been working there for a year, so the...

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Painting at GreenGos

mike | 2/25/2014

Admittedly, we have done some interesting things in starting this company. From building a wagon to tasting a new liquor product that had aphrodisiac qualities, it’s been a wild ride. But one thing we seem to do often is paint big things on the side of things by hand. When we were building the GreenGos brand, another such opportunity presented...

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