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When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

Email Marketing: Respect your audience’s inbox

anne | 1/09/2015

Here at Tilted Chair Creative, a full service advertising agency based in Austin, we like to engage our customers as much as possible. We’ve already discussed how social media can affect your brand in a great way, but now we’re going to touch on something that can be another incredible tool to use. Two words: Email marketing. Sending newsletters monthly,...

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“Austin is the new Madison Avenue.”

anne | 12/09/2014

We’ve been doing some pretty exciting things here at Tilted Chair Creative. We are a full-service advertising agency based in Austin, TX, and we’ve been working on projects with a particular client that perfectly illustrate what we, as a group of creatives, can offer. You may have heard of them...they’re a little publication called People Magazine. What is a creative...

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People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!

anne | 11/21/2014

Here at Tilted Chair Creative, a full-service advertising agency in Austin, we take our work pretty seriously. So seriously in fact, that this week extreme measures were taken when People Magazine sought out our advertising expertise for their Sexiest Man Alive issue. And by extreme, we mean we quarantined sweet Annie Lin in a makeshift cubicle so that wandering eyes...

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Build up your brand with social media, all the cool kids are doing it!

anne | 11/10/2014

I just recently started a full-time position at Tilted Chair Creative, a full-service advertising agency in Austin, and have had the opportunity to learn so much about social media management during my short time here. One of the main things I’ve learned is that using social media to introduce people to your brand can be hugely successful. If you don’t...

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We’re Mama Fu’s Ad Agency of Record!

mike | 4/21/2014

Our office has always loved taking a nice lunch break over some Mama Fu's, and now we're excited because we have yet another reason to get to talk about our favorite restaurant. Our announcement even received a brief mention in the Austin Business Journal earlier this month. Check out our official press release with all the juicy (literally) details below....

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