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When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!

anne | 11/21/2014

Here at Tilted Chair Creative, a full-service advertising agency in Austin, we take our work pretty seriously. So seriously in fact, that this week extreme measures were taken when People Magazine sought out our advertising expertise for their Sexiest Man Alive issue. And by extreme, we mean we quarantined sweet Annie Lin in a makeshift cubicle so that wandering eyes...

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I’d Pin That – Moviehouse Pins

mike | 4/23/2014

Even though it can feel like you’re lost in the large community of Austin,Texas, it’s refreshing to know that there is a place where individual loyalty is valued and recognized. This place that I’m talking about is the Moviehouse and Eatery. Moviehouse wanted a unique way to reward employees once they have been working there for a year, so the...

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We’re Mama Fu’s Ad Agency of Record!

mike | 4/21/2014

Our office has always loved taking a nice lunch break over some Mama Fu's, and now we're excited because we have yet another reason to get to talk about our favorite restaurant. Our announcement even received a brief mention in the Austin Business Journal earlier this month. Check out our official press release with all the juicy (literally) details below....

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The Buzz on Brand Films, Brand Videos, and Corporate Image Videos

mike | 4/22/2013

As you were reading the title, you probably noticed these things all sounded pretty similar.  That’s because they are, and they’re all important. As an advertising agency, we’re also a branding agency by default.  Our job is to help businesses become more successful by strengthening their branding, and that’s the bottom line.  We’re responsible for equipping them with the tools...

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Chickens and a Small Advertising Agency

mike | 4/18/2013

Our office neighbors own chickens.  They’re quite elusive, so we’re not entirely sure how many lurk in the bushes, but there seems to be quite a few of them.  One thing we do see, however, is the flock of chickens furiously pecking at the ground, searching for the best of what’s in the grass.  The fowl frantically peck and scratch,...

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