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When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

An Advertising Agency That Gets to Know What We’re Working With

mike | 5/30/2014

Becoming a successful advertising agency wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our clients. Through out our process of growing as a company, we have acquired many new partnerships with different types of clients. One thing we take pride in is the relationships we have built with them. We make sure to learn as much as we can about the...

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Painting at GreenGos

mike | 2/25/2014

Admittedly, we have done some interesting things in starting this company. From building a wagon to tasting a new liquor product that had aphrodisiac qualities, it’s been a wild ride. But one thing we seem to do often is paint big things on the side of things by hand. When we were building the GreenGos brand, another such opportunity presented...

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Branding Business, Not Cattle

mike | 8/22/2012

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business' foundation. From the logo design and tagline creation to the color scheme and overall aesthetics—branding is what makes a product or service stand out from its competitors. It's how Nike distinguishes itself from Reebok; it's how Apple distinguishes itself from Dell. Of course, a business must have a strong,...

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Interning at an awesome Austin advertising agency, Tilted Chair!

mike | 3/28/2012

Although only being an intern for Tilted Chair Creative for a few days, I can already see how this internship differs from others of its kind. Being a small company with about 5 full-time employees, the advertising agency still succeeds at being a full-service agency. Every one of the employees/co-founders all pass around their job titles and thinking caps to...

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