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When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

From Freebirds Neighbor to Multinational Company

Jamie Rodriguez | 10/11/2013

In preparation for an annual partner conference featuring over 100 retailers around the nation, RetailMeNot founder and CEO Cotter Cunningham approached Tilted Chair Creative with a special project: the opportunity to create a fun and exciting animated web video showing how the online coupon company got where it is today. He really wanted to open the conference with something that...

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Big Sound for Brands

Jake Rector | 6/24/2013

The best part about interning at a small Austin advertising agency is the freedom. Officially, the higher-ups at Tilted Chair Creative filed me under account services, but in reality, I’m able to get my hands dirty with just about every facet a full service advertising agency has to offer. Yet, despite all the brainstorming, copywriting, hand-shaking, and occasional insect/wasp patrol, the...

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We Give this Video Shoot an A+

Jamie Rodriguez | 5/16/2013

Last week was definitely a busy time at our advertising agency as we shot three video commercials for A+ Federal Credit Union. The shoots involved fog machines, converting the office into a florist shop, and explosions (ok, no explosions). It was still an exciting time as we watched lights, camera, and sound set up and coordinate with one other perfectly for...

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Of Interns, Drains, and ADDYs.

mike | 3/20/2013

Let it never be said that Austin advertising agency, Tilted Chair, doesn't welcome everyone into their company as if they were family. From day one I've been exposed to teasing banter, brought in-the-know on inside jokes (HAT CREEEEEK), and a friendly daily reminder of how I made a creepy commercial about a girl with a drain in her head. Daily....

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Telling a Sisters’ Story

mike | 2/01/2013

Tilted Chair Creative is an Austin, Texas made business. Most of us grew up in Austin and those of us who didn’t (as the saying goes) got here as fast as we could. The Austin community has invested so much in us, helping us grow our business and allowing us to do great work for others, that we like to...

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