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Cavender’s How do you turn a Western retailer into a lifestyle brand?


JUNE 2016

Cavender's is one of those legendary Western brands famous for boots, hats, and everything in between. Tilted Chair hooked up with Cavender's in 2016 to give their marketing efforts a fresh look.


With mega-online retailers elbowing their way into the Western wear market, how can we engender affection (and preference) for Cavender's?

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Assessing the ask
  • What values are shared between the Western culture and a family-owned business like Cavender's?

  • The three threads that bond Cavender's to its customers: respect and honor of land, family, and flag.


For many of Cavender's customers, clothes are more than threads and buttons: they're an expression of culture. And for others, they're a toolset used to get a job done. What if we told those stories?

Beyond the Clothes

Real stories beyond the clothes
No actors. No sets. No props. No spin. Just real, authentically Western stories, cultivated from the very places where people still live the lifestyle. Tilted Chair deployed our ace production team all across the Southwest—east to Louisiana, to the very western edge of Texas, and north to Oklahoma—to dive into the Western lifestyle, firsthand. From six-shooter competitions, to working ranches, to rodeos, there was no shortage of Western romance to explore. The stories we captured helped paint an authentic and vibrant portrait of America's rich Western culture, one that Cavender's helps furnish every day.

Myles Brown

Cinch Timed Event | Guthrie, OK
“Military men and women chose to go over there and fight for us and for our country. Taking in this moment is a way to appreciate them and everything these heroes sacrifice for us.” - Chisum
Cinch Timed Event | Guthrie, OK
"I like the thrill of running barrels. I have a pretty crazy horse. He’s pretty fast. His name is Fiddle. We call him the Rodeo Queen Horse.” - Lindsey
Cinch Timed Event | Guthrie, OK
"I'm wearing a real cowboy hat!" - Brody
Cowboy Fast Draw Championship | Natchitoches, LA
“We get tons and tons of letters that just make you want to cry thanking us and saying that this sport has given them purpose in their lives. It’s given them a community and somebody to follow along with. It’s not a real physical sport. It takes a lot of mental power but it's great. We have a lot of shooters even up in their 80's.” - Cal & Lotta
Cowboy Fast Draw Championship | Natchitoches, LA
“Culture is a big thing where I was raised. My son is 40. He’s probably right at 6 foot, 250lbs. When I get home I’m gonna call him and tell him I'm home. He lives about 20 minutes away, but when I got home his boys will come home and give Pawpaw—me, and my wife, Meemaw, a hug. But my son better damn well walk in that door and give me a kiss on the cheek every time I see him. That’s the Cajun way.” - Gator
Louisiana Forest Festival | Winnfield, LA
“The Forest Festival is so important to our economy in Louisiana and I knew it would be such an honor to represent it. This is Winnfield’s big thing. I’ve been coming to this every year since I was a kid. They have vendors, logging competitions, monster truck shows, all kinds of stuff.” - Morgan
Louisiana Forest Festival | Winnfield, LA
“I came here with a friend of mine and we chopped and we met the top lumberjacks and they taught us the game. This was my first competitive show. I just am old and tired. I’ve got granddaughters now. It’s been fun...these are good people. They all grew up chopping with one another.”
Ft. Worth Stock Show | Ft. Worth, TX
“I learned to ride when I was little girl. It feels great to be part of something like this. I grew up around horses so this has always been a huge part of my life. My grandparents had them in Mexico and my parents in New Mexico.” - Susana
Ft. Worth Stock Show | Ft. Worth, TX
“Being an officer in a great city like Fort Worth makes you proud everyday that you wear the uniform. Being able to talk with the kids that come to the facility or at the schools we visit is as fun as getting to ride horses day-in and day-out as mounted patrol.” - Officer Davis
Ft. Worth Stock Show | Ft. Worth, TX
"Four years ago I caught the Reined cowhorse bug. It’s been an obsession ever since." - Myles
Ft. Worth Stock Show | Ft. Worth, TX
"It takes a lot of work. I’m sure everybody says that. But when I say every day I mean, I get off of work every day and put in more work. The best thing about riding is the community. I’ve always got someone to go on the trails with or go hunting or fishing with. We all have the same things in common, we work toward similar goals, and it’s great to be around people that value the same things I do.” - Marcellus
Broken Spoke | Austin, TX
"We were listening to some oldies, dancing in the kitchen where she taught me and she said, 'You ain’t gonna understand this now son, but some day you’re gonna look back and thank me.' I’ve been dancin’ ever since." - Bryan
Broken Spoke | Austin, TX
"There’s something about dancing that just feels good. There are people who play volleyball, you know. They sign up for a team and maybe on Wednesday nights they play, but every Monday and Tuesday I put on my outfit and say to my husband, 'Don’t I like cute?' He nods and then I head off to dance, I call it my Western Zumba." - Annie
Broken Spoke | Austin, TX
"Bailo cumbia en México, pero two-step en Texas." - Jose


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