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Diverse, talented, driven. (And good-looking.)

  • Mike Ihnat

    Partner / Accounts

    Since graduating from the University of Texas, Mike has lived and breathed Tilted Chair. Through ups and downs, lefts and rights, Mike has proven to be a resilient, reliable, and insanely hard-working partner who will do anything to help Tilted Chair succeed. Legend has it that for the first five years of Tilted Chair’s life, he didn’t take a single day off. Not one. Okay, maybe that’s not true. But he’s one dedicated son of a gun.

    Mike heads up the account services department, making him one of the main contact points for clients. Although he sticks with mostly client-facing work, Mike is always eager to lend a hand anywhere else he is needed. Sometimes that’s writing copy, sometime’s it’s composing original music for a video, and sometimes it’s referencing a really good episode of South Park to get everyone inspired.

    When Mike’s not working his butt off for Tilted Chair, you can find him shooting in the mid-80’s on a golf course somewhere or making sushi from scratch. You know, the usual. Oh, and his last name? It’s pronounced “eye-gnat”.

  • Jamie Rodriguez

    Partner / Design

    Jamie likes college football. Let’s rephrase that: Jamie loves college football. So much so, that when Vince Young crossed the goal line to put Texas ahead in the 2006 Rose Bowl, Jamie vowed to name his first-born after the famous quarterback, regardless of gender.

    If there’s one thing Jamie loves as much as college football, it’s making things beautiful. He shows up to work every day working toward that end. He’s a type fiend who believes that color choice has more to do with overall design success than any other element.

    When he’s not designing and art directing, he’s rehearsing famous monologues from great films produced after 1986 or trying to establish a correlation between engine size and power output of modern sports cars.

  • Hua Liu

    Partner / Production

    Hua (sounds like “Juan” without the “n”) graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with not one, but TWO degrees. Yeah, you heard right. We’ve got an overachiever on our hands. Hua’s degrees in Advertising and Radio/Film/Television helped him build out Tilted Chair’s visual production department and create what is now aptly named Tilted Films.

    The great thing about Hua is that he’s full of surprises. Not only is he a talented photographer, producer, and designer, he’s also an expert marksman, greyhound enthusiast, and recently added a vintage motorcycle to his collection of toys. What we’re trying to say is he’s the biggest badass of us all.

  • Jake Rector

    Partner / Media

    If you combined the brain of a digital media expert with the attitude of Matthew McConaughey, you’d have Jake. He implemented our Social First Media approach, which is a first in the media world. Unlike other media “pros”, Jake actually knows how to successfully use social platforms to connect and engage with people. It’s this level of knowledge and foresight that makes him the best person to lead our Media Department.

    When he’s not working you can find him doing one of three things: mountain biking in the greenbelt, paddle-boarding on Town Lake, or stringing up a hammock anywhere he possibly can, all of which include his dog/best friend Roscoe.

  • Erik Hernandez

    Partner / Strategy

    Rev. Erik “Mad Dog” Hernandez loves creating things; nicknames, team builders, “big mug” clubs, Apple Watch clubs, “wearing the same shirt” clubs…well you get the idea. But above all, he really loves creating great ideas. He comes to Tilted Chair with 50 (okay, 12) years advertising experience as creative director for brands like Jack Daniel’s, Marriott Hotels, Anheuser-Busch, Chevy, and a lot of others. He even has a Super Bowl commercial under his belt. Dang!

    When he’s not creating great ideas here at The Chair, Rev. Mad Dog loves riding his Vespa around Austin in search of great beer or queso, but preferably both. And when he’s not doing that, he’s off running with the bulls, swimming with great whites, or hiking the Inca trail. No really, we’re not exaggerating.

    So whether you’re navigating through the jungles of Peru or launching your biggest marketing campaign, you want Rev. Mad Dog by your side.

  • Anna Mejia

    Creative Lead

    Anna is a creative whose specialty is formulating a big idea, developing it, and selling it all the way up the ladder. She’s a dynamo presenter and treats every conference room as if it were a stage. She’s always willing to go above and beyond to tell a brand story. No, really. She once presented from inside a giant Kleenex box. That’s commitment.

    She may look young, but Anna has left her mark on brands such as Bud Light, Domino’s, Kimberly Clark, Mountain Dew, Marriott, and Lowe’s in her six-year career. Her biggest accomplishment is nationally rebranding Jamba Juice. When Anna isn’t researching key brand insights, you can find her skipping around Town Lake jamming to the latest rap anthem or binge surfing shoes online.

    That’s all she wrote.

  • Jenna Bixler

    Creative Lead

    Jenna is a conceptually strong art director with 8 years of experience on national brands like Domino’s, Marriott, Jamba Juice, Mars, Chevy, Rock the Vote, and Bud Light. She has a knack for illustrating and any DIY project she can get her hands on. Put a tutorial link in front of her and you might lose her for a few hours. When she is not busy overloading with visual fun, you can find her catching up on the latest celeb-pop gossip. If it’s in a tabloid, blog, or tweet, you can be sure she knows about it.

  • Claire Brown


    Claire is one of our account managers. She’s thorough, articulate, and dependable, three things that make a good account manager. But Claire’s not just good, she’s outstanding. She does just about anything to make sure her clients are successful, whether it be drafting meticulous SoWs or sorting and shipping 11,000 buttons by hand to 39 locations (shout out to Torchy’s!), you better believe she’s working her butt off to help you reach your goals. And not only that, she does her damndest to make sure we are excelling as an agency by equipping us with insanely organized timelines and the confidence to create beautiful work.

    You may think Claire sounds like a workaholic, but you are not-so-sadly mistaken. Claire is the definition of work hard, play hard. Simple as that. When she’s not working hard to make our lives easier or (willfully) bending over backward for clients, you can find her at one of the many live music venues jamming out to some New Orleans funk band, cooking up something deliciously fresh at home, or bending over backward in a vinyasa yoga class. She’s got that balancing act mastered, y’all.

  • Nina Sanchez

    Art Direction / Design

    Nina, otherwise known as The Neenus, loves only three things: guinea pigs, wearing old man shoes, and bands with hilariously awesome names. (ex: Guantanamo Baywatch) Apart from having unique taste in animals, footwear, and music, she also has an incredibly unique eye for design and will slay you with one stroke of her Illustrator pen tool. And if that’s not enough for you, she’s also the resident set designer for Tilted Films! Yas queen, yas.

    Nina came to Tilted Chair from the desert, lending her talents to the likes of Fun Fun Fun Fest, Pearl Brewery, ACL Live, and Mohawk. She may seem quiet at first glance, but don’t let it fool you. One minute she’ll be creating a digital masterpiece for Torchy’s Tacos while sporting her lime green headphones and the next she’ll be hitting you with a sarcastic comment that’ll knock you right on your ass. She also has a really cute pupper named JPEG. Can you tell she’s an art director?

  • Annie “Marko” Markovich


    Annie, or “Marko”, graduated from Baylor University in 2013 with a degree in Communications. In her first few months, her social media expertise and her killer writing skills quickly proved to us that she’s a force to be reckoned with. I mean, who else can say their first scripts brought our client to smiles and tears, all in the same meeting? Not many.

    When she’s not writing you under the table, she’s serving as 1st Assistant Director for Tilted Films, kicking her feet up in a brainstorm, or talking about that one time when she lived in Cambodia. Don’t let her height fool you, her 5 foot 2 inches of class can turn into 10 feet 2 inches of sass in two seconds flat.

  • Esteban Marquez

    Art Direction / Design

    Esteban is a conceptual art director with a heart of gold. His unique style and raw talent are some of the many reasons we love having him on the team. Before settling in at Tilted Chair, Esteban worked with clients like Fun Fun Fun Fest, ACL Live, Mohawk, and Aceable.

    If his work isn’t proof enough of his natural eye for design, his legendary collection of graphic tees seals the deal. Seriously, he wears the best shirts. We don’t know where he finds them, but they’re all amazing. Like wearable pieces of art. Esteban also has a penchant for delivering perfectly timed puns, identifying cool names for hypothetical bands, and coming up with little nicknames for the dogs around the office. Basically, he’s a ton of fun to be around and also happens to create beautiful work. Win win.

  • Savannah Clements

    Production / Copywriting

    Savannah hails from Santa Rosa, California and is an enthusiastic alum of the University of Colorado Boulder. ‘SCO BUFFS! On an average day, you can find Savannah praising female trailblazers, telling insanely hilarious stories, and being an all-around badass independent woman.

    If there’s one thing to say about Savannah, it’s that she is a woman of many talents. She is an assistant producer who can also direct and write! Her humor and willingness to get shit done, and get it done well, makes her a crucial part of the Tilted Chair team.

  • Kamil Papiez

    Media Strategist

    Picture this: A man that’s calculating and articulate, but with a bit of a snarky side. A Polish Christoph Waltz, if you will. That’s Kamil.

    Kam came to us with an invaluable set of skills and an eagerness to help brands be the best they can be, so we snatched him up and are never letting go.

    When he’s not gushing over spreadsheets of analytics or experimenting with the latest media tools, you can find him taking his motorcycle out for a spin, sharing a vegetable tray with his trusty sidekick, Midnight, or destroying someone in table tennis. As if being a spreadsheet wizard, media genius, and table tennis prodigy weren’t enough, he also dabbles in sound engineering in his free time. What a guy.

  • Brianna Frederick

    Administration / HR

    Brianna has a degree in Psychology from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota and has dabbled in hospitality, office management, sales, and other client-facing roles. It’s safe to say she can handle anything you throw at her. Except maybe physical objects, we don’t know how her hand-eye coordination is.

    Apart from her diverse background and many talents, Brianna brings with her an 8 year old Australian Shepard named Auzzie that loves to sniff things and cuddle. (But he HATES the pizza man, so be warned!) A few things Brianna loves? Organizing, cooking, painting, warm weather, organizing, candle making, exploring new restaurants, and organizing. Did we mention she really likes to organize? Because she does.

    The verdict on Brianna? We’re pretty damn lucky to have her! (& Auzzie)

  • Jane Stephens

    Art Direction

    Jane is an art director from Mobile, AL with a southern accent that’s sweeter than honey. After graduating with an Advertising degree from the University of Alabama, Jane and her accent went on to portfolio school in Atlanta to perfect her already-killer design skills. Before joining Tilted Chair, Jane was in San Francisco working on brands like Frito-Lay, Dodge Ram, and Cisco. However, it didn’t take her long to realize that she could be working with the great team at Tilted Chair, plus afford a 20-acre ranch in Austin for the same rent she was paying in San Fran. Jane’s quirky art direction skills, sweet accent, and financial acumen make her an important part of the TC Team.

  • Jared Owenby


    Before graduating with a Journalism degree from the University of South Carolina, Jared was set on becoming the next Jimi Hendrix. No, really, he went to a performance arts high school and studied jazz guitar! After spending a year at school in Nashville he decided to transfer and pursue his true passion: copywriting. After undergrad, he went on to study at The Creative Circus, a portfolio school in Atlanta, to perfect his writing. We scooped him up while he was living in San Francisco coming up with ideas for Cisco, Sonic, and Comcast Xfinity.

    When Jared’s not writing illuminating copy for challenger brands, you can find him goofing around on his guitar, exploring potential mountain biking spots around Austin, or scouring over music blogs with Childish Gambino bumping in his headphones. And as for his music career? We’re about to revive it. Not to brag, but we’ve got a couple drummers and some phenomenal karaoke singers lying around the office that are itchin’ for some fame. Jared and the Tilted Chairs has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  • Nicole Lewis

    Creative Intern

    Nicole is an art director currently enrolled in the creative sequence at the University of Texas. Everyone knows we love hiring Longhorns, but even if she was a Sooner we would’ve snatched her up right away. Why? Because she’s a clever, conceptual thinker who also happens to be one of the best designers we’ve seen in awhile.

    When we found Nicole, we were looking for someone motivated, cerebral, and open-minded, in addition to being a stellar creative. Nicole proved to be all of those things, and more. Just look at what she does with her free time! She’s an avid runner, lover of movies (particularly musicals), world traveller, and mom to a golden retriever named Riley. In short, there was a Nicole-shaped hole at Tilted Chair and she shimmied right on into it.

  • Lauren Nail

    Creative Intern

    Hailing from just outside Toronto, Lauren followed in her older sister’s footsteps to the University of Texas on a rowing scholarship. Lauren is a lot of things, but lazy is not one of them. Just to give you some perspective, rowing practice takes up about 20 hours a week and the creative sequence is 16 hours of classes alone, with plenty more spent on group projects. That’s pretty much a full time job right there. But we’re not done. She added Tilted Chair to her plate because she’s ambitious as hell. We’re convinced this girl just doesn’t want to stop moving. And we’re okay with that, because she’s a damn good writer.

    In her free time (what free time, right?), she likes to paint, sketch, and do just about anything craft-related. Combine an artist’s mind with a copywriter’s skill and you have a talented creative. Combine an artist’s mind and a copywriter’s skill with Lauren’s insane work ethic and you’ve got a creative dynamo. She’s gonna do big things, y’all.

  • Melyssa Vazquez

    Editor / Animator

    Melyssa moved to the United States from Puerto Rico to attend Savannah College of Art & Design, where she got a degree in Film & TV. After college, Melyssa went on to live and work in New York City as a freelance editor for brands like PepsiCo, JP Morgan Chase, and Neiman Marcus.

    Apart from being an incredible editor and animator, Melyssa also happens to be a ping pong champion. That’s right, she actually won a ping pong tournament in her hometown of San Juan. And she’s not above calling it “ping pong” either, for all you die-hard “table tennis” fans.

    The cool thing about Melyssa is that, on top of being a ping pong and video editing prodigy, she’s the nicest person in the world. She’s like the Kevin Durant of Tilted Chair.

  • Kelcey Bacon

    Account Supervisor

    Kelcey Bacon (yes, that’s her real last name) has a background in kicking ass and taking names. Okay, that might be a little much. Let’s just say she’s a really talented account manager whose presence demands the attention of any room she enters. Kelcey graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and fiercely bleeds burnt orange despite what her medical records say.

    Kelcey has an advertising background in managing accounts such as AT&T, Jamba Juice and MARS Chocolate. Kelcey’s favorite accomplishment is launching SNICKERS Crisper within the US Hispanic market with a unique and exclusively digital campaign. She has an affinity for multicultural advertising and multicultural foods. When she’s not obsessively checking her emails, she’s baking something delicious or reading an obscure novel in an obscure coffee shop, pretending she has street cred over here on the east side.

  • Roscoe

  • Ana

  • Pica

  • Mali

  • JPEG

  • Auzzie

  • Midnight

  • Leo

  • Doyle

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