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When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

The 28-Day Paid Leave Policy Uncovered

Erik Hernandez | 6/20/2017

The Backstory America is not the greatest country in the world when it comes to paid leave for workers. While every European country has at least 20 days paid leave (not including holidays) and some going up to as many as 25 days, America has no statutory annual leave entitlement. Obviously we still have paid leave but it’s a miserly...

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Tilted Chair Launches Content Production Division: Tilted Films

Savannah Clements | 6/14/2017

Hi, hello, howdy! We’re Tilted Films, a video production company based out of Austin, Texas. We’re a team of filmmakers that specialize in creating engaging, high-quality content for businesses small and large. Whether it’s food photography, tv commercials, or web videos we’re one of the top production companies in the game. Tilted Films was born from the need to keep...

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Illuminating the Periphery

Jamie Rodriguez | 5/30/2017

How the future of business belongs to those who invest in seismic innovation. In 2003, an upstart car company was founded in San Carlos, California. Named Tesla, the company set out on a mission to demonstrate the market-disrupting potential of all-electric vehicles in a world still dominated by gas-guzzlers. At the time, the American automotive industry began and ended with...

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The Four Cs of Marketing

Jake Rector | 5/15/2017

Do you remember Philip Kotler’s textbook Marketing Management? It was written in 1967, so if not, no worries. Kotler’s “Four P’s of Marketing” have been replicated in almost every Marketing 101 textbook written in the last half-century, and most people are more familiar with this foundational philosophy than they are with the guy who popularized it. What are the Four...

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Finding Your Brand’s North Star

Anna Mejia | 5/03/2017

Quick, think of your top three favorite brands.  Why do you love these brands? Is it solely due to their functionality or is there a deeper meaning? Brands are not inanimate objects, they’re in fact people, like you and me, with personalities, motivations, and even fears. That’s why we feel so connected to them, we invite them into our homes,...

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