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Monthly Archives: October, 2016


When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

7 tips for landing your dream job at Tilted Chair (or How to get a job in Austin for the SEO-bots)

Erik Hernandez | 10/27/2016

We’ve grown a lot over the last year and half. That means we have had to do a lot of hiring. While doing all that hiring we discovered that a lot of people are not really that good at getting a job. Some use a very obvious template where they copy and paste a position and company name into their...

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Adventure Time: Austin City Limits 2016

Jake Rector | 10/04/2016

"Go and dance yourself clean." - LCD Soundsystem WHERE ARE WE GOING? We’re going to Austin City Limits! Every year, to celebrate my October birthday, I make it a point to spend a full weekend at Zilker Park listening to familiar artists and discovering new sounds. It’s hard to subscribe to the title “weekend warrior” when I spend so much...

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