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Monthly Archives: February, 2013


When we get our ideas down on paper, they’re usually pretty good.

Do sharks like sushi?

mike | 2/14/2013

We’re excited to announce that one of our clients, How Do You Roll, will be featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” this Friday, February 15th at 8pm CST.  The company’s founders, brothers Yuen and Peter Yung are going to be pitching their business model to prospective investors on the reality TV show. How Do You Roll is the first restaurant that provides...

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Telling a Sisters’ Story

mike | 2/01/2013

Tilted Chair Creative is an Austin, Texas made business. Most of us grew up in Austin and those of us who didn’t (as the saying goes) got here as fast as we could. The Austin community has invested so much in us, helping us grow our business and allowing us to do great work for others, that we like to...

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