Have a seat.
We have an idea.

You know that unbeatable feeling when you tilt your chair back and kick up your feet? Here at the chair, we never tell our employees to take their feet off the table, because that’s when the best ideas are born. Speaking of ideas, we pride ourselves on smart, strategic solutions that are as effective as they are unique. After all, we don’t just build campaigns; we build brands.

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Our philosophy.

Consumers are humans too, and people appreciate refreshing, creative ideas. We build great brands not by creating fiction, but by revealing the truth about the brand. We are an advertising agency here in Austin that is 100% ego-free and 100% easy to work with.

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We wear many hats.

Every member of our team is multi-talented. From copywriting to composing, photography to film, search engine optimization to art direction through photoshop expertise, even shark-fishing finesse; each leg of the team has specific skills and talents to bring to the table that only enhance the agency. We're a pretty interesting group of people. Give us a call if you're ready to get to know us.

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